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The grand Great Britain tour of the Circus Odyssey included the following cities so far:

Dover, Folkstone, Hastings, Brighton, Portsmouth and Bournemouth.

On their Journey they encountered numerous representatives of the following factions:

The Camarilla, the Sabbath, the Anarchs, the Royal Talent Society, the Black Hand and the Subsessors.

Their also have been ancient mysteries like the teachings of Zvi Shabbtai or the legend of the Onyxian Pythons.

Since the arrival of the Circus several noteworthy events took place: The Dover Assassinations, The Blood Parade, The Circus Face-Off

Before that the war between Camarilla and Sabbath took place in the year. Ignoring that Camarilla has lost considerable resources in the conflict and had to retake over half of the country the campaign is now referred to as the British Triumph. The Sabbath has deemed it the British Respite. Today, six years later, many domains seem to be in disarray and the Sabbath and the Anarchs are on the move.

Main Page

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