Johann Voltane

Businessman in Bournemouth


Johann Voltane owns several coalmines and steelmills in Bournemouth and is amounting considerabl wealth. As an ambitious entrepeneur Johann strives to expand his operation.

For his mining and production sights he cleared great parts of the southern woods which angered Gangrel and Werewolves alike. Not to mention the reckless pollution of land, water and air.

Allegiances to Vampires in or out of Bournemouth are unknown.

EDIT: On March 22nd the group goes to the public newspaper archive to get information on Johann Voltane. In the archive Madame Selene expertly uncovered that Johann Voltane inherited a large fortune and built his coal and steel factories in several cities. The erection of his sites started exactly after the end of the British Triumph and has flourished since. The Businessman is widely regarded honorable. The group also learned the exact location of the factories and mines.


Johann Voltane

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