Javier de la Sima

Still to humane occultist diablerist dandy


A dashing young dandy from a sephardic jewish family.
Dark hair and eyes, pale skin and a friendly face even when he’s brooding.

He wears well tailored suits with modern cuts.

After Antonios death he is now part of the leading triumvirat of the circus.
His circus routine is that of the mentalist and also the ringleader who navigates he programm of a circus night.


He was born in family of sephardic jews in spain, studied different subjects but he developed his main interest in occultism.

His first months and years with his sire

Over the years he was watched by his future sire Drahomir, even though he was in the Sabbat back then, he raised first Javier in secret as his childe. before he included him in a Sabbat scout pack in England. Which was eventually destroyed and then Javier found his way into the Circus.

Even though Javier is a very outgoing person, he did not find his mentor with La Baronne or Antonio but with the mysterious Euphemia also called the Angels Voice.

Relation to others:
Content Not Found: madame-selene She was the most helpful ton incorporate Javier into the Circus. But still Javier finds that unraveling a mystery of Madame Selene unravels two ne ones. She is his partner in occultism, even though he questions if she´s really this crazy, but this makes him question himself if he has not begotten to comfortable with madness in the last weeks.

Jette Knudsen He fears her, as he fears the forces of nature. After the incident when they slaughtered and drank dry a whole gangrel sabbat pack he´s more sympathetic to her bloodlust.

The Director: Was distant to him, Javier is quite sure that Antonio welcomed him only into the Circus as tool against Drahomir. He admired him for keeping his wits meanwhile he dabbled in the dark arts.

La Baronne Javier likes La Baronne, even though she was reserved to him because he is Drakomir’s Childe and she’s Darahomir’s former lover. Javier wants to take care of her ghouls while she is in torpor.

The Accountant: Javier is unsure about the Ventrue elder. Alois keeps the Circus afloat and running AND also manages all higher connections into the Camarilla and seems influental and powerful enough that his afiliation is not a problem.
Also is Javier still perplexed how Alois manages to get all the blood into the circus without crossing hunting grounds or risking the masquerade.

Ari Javier was fascinated by Ari, and still wants her back into the Circus after her ghoul Cvetka betrayed her.

Content Not Found: the-pantherwoman Felipa

The Doppelganger Javier is secretly impressed by Adalhard. Especially after his grande Illusion of impersonating the ravaging malkavian at the Sabbat pack.

The Scientist Stanimir

The Mechanic Harold is valued by Javier.

Building Crew Javier does not have much contact with the crew, because they are mostly busy during the day.

The Acrobats After La Baronne entered Torpor, the acrobats got cocky, but he could talk them down and give them more stagetime.

The Clown Gang Even though they wear masques, he is not sure if they care about the masquerade at all. They remind him way to much of some of the more crazy vampires back in The Sabbat.

The Freaks … or the most humane, as Javier would put it. The Circus has to protect them.

Javier de la Sima

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