mysterious letter

It took some time to find safe heavens for the others and as I now you managed to escape to Bournemouth. We set up in different places and till I am sure there can be a safer way of communication, these will remain untold. You awakening me came at the right time. Thank you. For those longing for sovereignty, freedom and peace the ground is shrinking. The Circus is in its essence outside, something apart and brave in itself.

We try to create our own outside, a way of life that is not predestined by centuries old cabals and prophecies. The minds of the old will eventually get lost in the fast stream of progress. Betrayed by their own inability to adapt they will lash out at those personifying modern times and evolved ideas: The young. All of you are young but you are not and maybe never will be part of us. But as we are linked by events in the past our ways might intertwine again.

So I want you to understand what we are trying to achieve and the means we choose to do so. There can be no war with the sects. There can be no war with the old. They are stronger then we are. We are not using diversionary tactics to the degree of undermining or splitting the sects. There can be no deceit to the end that we trick those who oppose us into joining us because they think it would foster their own agendas. Those of us who have to will use force to defend themselves, the others will learn to endure and overcome our oppressors in other ways.

There have been many who joined us but more who we had to reject. We will find our own space and thrive to peacefully coexist. And you, the one reading this letter, you are right. There is overwhelming opposition to our cause and the odds of us succeeding are slim. I know all this to be true and yet I can not await to see and go every step of our journey.

For you I want you to be safe first and foremost. I will get in touch when I can. Decide whether you want to advance our cause. If not, this will be the penultimate letter you will receive from me.

- Jacob

mysterious letter

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