Folkstone was the second travel destination of the Circus. As one of the few Sabbath cities in the area the inhabitants often exhibit a kind of siege mentality. Apart from the archbishop the most influential inhabitant is the Toreador Primogen holding both the office of Sheriff and Scourge. The Royal Talent Society has strong ties here and is advancing the defensive capabilities of the town against the Camarilla which is tolerating the Sabbath presence as a negotiated remnant of the last war. For now.

Archbishop: Ludwig Radnor Baron of Folkstone (Unknown)

Sheriff: Magaret Thompson (Toreador Antitribu)

Scourge: Magaret Thompson (Toreador Antitribu)

Bishops: Magaret Thompson (Toreador Antitribu), Melvin Shawn (Ventrue Antitribu), Ritho Onuris (Setite), Greer Rowe (Gangrel Antitribu)

Other persons of interest: None so far


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