Timothy Barrington

Scourge of Hastings


The Scourge of Hastings is considered to be one of the most efficient and discrete Scourges in all of the England. He is very well connected and ranges on the high-functioning part of his clan while maintaining close ties with his brethren. He is respected among all clans and has considerable footing with the Subsessors and Camarilla Royalty. Rumor has it that he has a robust working relationship with the Sabbath and maybe even with the Black Hand.

In the events that led to the conviction and execution of the Knias and the aftermath Timothy aided the authority immensely. After that he vacated his post for an unclear amount of time.

The latest news is that he joined Anarchs and is now one of the closest advisors to their leaders. This circumstance alerted some Camarilla officials considering that the Anarchs now may utilize sensitive inside information.

There are also rumors that Timothy joined the Anarchs undercover in an attempt to infiltrate the emerging organisation.


Timothy Barrington

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