The Clown Gang

Oleg Jasinski, Lew Krakowski, Henryk Bartosz and Tomasz Pokorny


The infamous Nosferatu pack of polish criminal clowns is the muscle of the circus. Their jokes and pranks on humans and vampires alike make them a serious threat to the Masquerade. Their act “the funny clowns” borders often on the grotesque. Within the circus their goonish and raw attitude polarizes. Especially The Angel’s Voice and the Building Crew are tired of them. The Freaks are good friends and oddly enough The Scientist. Antonio often uses them to intimidate those who pose a threat to the circus safety. The clowns enjoy that every step of the way.

Leader: Oleg Jasinski
Goon 1: Lew Krakowski
Goon 2: Henryk Bartosz
Goon 3: Tomasz Pokorny


The Clown Gang

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