Jette Knudsen

The best knife-thrower in the old world!


Jette was born in 1882 in København. Her father was a professor at Københavns Universitet, where Jette started her medical studies in 1900. The interest in medicine roots in the desire to fight diseases that handicap people for a lifetime, like her identical twin Astrid. Astrid came down with measles as a child which left her with a strong mental handicap. Due to that the family hid Astrid so most people forgot about her and when Jette started studying no one outside the family knows that Jette has an identical twin.

Jette met her sire Ikram for the first time in her first academic year with all the other students starting in 1900. Since he was the only obvious foreigner she perceived him, but didn’t bother about him. Ikram on the other hand fell for Jette at first sight, but didn’t have the time to establish a relationship with her. Although he was registered as a student he actually was in København to kill an elder Cainite at the university

Two years later they started meeting regularly, since Ikram established a relationship with Jettes father who was somehow affiliated with his mark. Ikram slowed down on his assignment to have more time with Jette. At first she felt uneasy in his presence, but when he started telling about his home and the differences between Denmark and Bahrein she got more and more fascinated and slowly fell in love with him as well.
She started to realize at some point that her initial discomfort rooted in the feeling that Ikram was not a regular human and questioned him. At first he refused to tell her the truth, but eventually he gave in and explained what he was. As he had expected she was revolted and cut herself off from him. Due to that he advanced with his assignment, in order to leave København as soon as possible. During the following weeks Jette realized how much she loved Ikram and that the thought of living without him was unbearable.
In the meantime it became clear to Ikram that he had to kill Jettes family as well. When he turned up at her families mansion to kill them he couldn’t bring himself to kill her, instead he begged her to come with him and she allowed him to embrace her. It was Jettes idea to kill Astrid in her place since she knew that Astrids corpse would be mistaken for Jette, and Ikram realized that his principal would consider his assignment completed.

After embracing Jette, Ikram and Jette burned down the mansion of her family, and started their flight. After all, Ikram was well aware that Jette would not find acceptance in the Assamite clan. Ikram was killed on their journey, or so Jette thought.

Jette Knudsen

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