Claudia Bruhn

Nosferatu Primogen of Bournemouth


Claudia has been hunted and nearly killed by agents of the Black Hand who wants to eradicate her knowledge about numerous covert operations of the group.

In Bournemouth she tries to keep a low profile and stays out of local conflicts always with the ear to the ground in fear of dark assailants.

The appointment of Primogen is due to the fact that informationwise there is not much of interest in the city due to the weak Prince. With the latest developements with the anarchs and the uprising of Sabbath forces in the south this seems to change.

The appointment was handled by high Camarilla officials and is widely considered as a bad compromise especially by Claudia herself.

She is a pariah to her own clan for unknown reasons.

Her additional need for protection is handled by the Sheriff.


Claudia Bruhn

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