Building Crew

The McIntyre Brothers Kirk, Butch, Hamish, Fyfe and Willie


The Scottish Ghouls bound to Antonio serve as workers, drivers and blood donors for the circus. Members since 1887 the Brothers know their place and stick to the work. They are not smart and drink a lot but this rarely interferes with their duties. They are friends with The Freaks and The Mechanic. Frequent trouble arises between them and The Musicians due to their Irish heritage but mostly it ends with a feast and more alcohol. The pranks of the clowns are also a problem.


Kirk got mortally woundedby a warrior Ghoul bred by the RTS-member and Toreador Antitribu Lady Magaret Thompson in Folkstone. He got rescued and embraced by Madame Selene.

Fyfe left the Circus with the help of Jerrik Nielsson.

Building Crew

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