Former puppeteer


Her outstanding capability in using her clans discipline vicissitude made it possible for the Tzimisce to turn herself into a living doll. In her act she plays among other wooden man -sized marionettes operated by her Ghoul Cvetka Reznik and then eventually comes to life. Her head is completely covered in skin without eyes, or a mouth; just two holes for hearing. She communicates via her Ghoul in an unknown way. The patron of La Baronne since 1892 is by far the most disconcerting person in the circus and especially the humans avoid her. She is a friend of Euphemia. To the others she remains an enigma.


Ari was betrayed by her Ghoul Cvetka Reznik, who induced a state of insane rage and set her on a path of destruction to sabotage the Circus. Since then she is in the form of flying monstrosity that hardly knows where, who she is or what she is doing.

She left a message that she is tracing Cvetka to the city of Salisbury.


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