Lady Alva Vanderbilt

Archbishop of Shaftesbury


The cold and unfeeling noblewoman manages a considerable regional portion of the Sabbath forces whilst running a relatively clean and civil city at the very nothern edge of the sects territory.

Her true power is her leadership and insight in the cainite soul. Fully aware of the paradox especially young vampires of the sect often fail to resolve:

Tearing down the Camarilla and the Masquerade by consistently using similar techniques, secrecy and manipulation, before an open war can be succesful;

Alva has found a way to divert the destructive energy of her underlings into something productive. The ADA or Academy of Dark Arts. She and her Bishop Radu Petran developed a series of tests and tournaments in disciplines like hand-to-hand-combat, arts of the blood and social manipulation to rate and distinguish the neonates from on another.

Different training grounds and combat facilities are located in the south and a re frequented by a large number of young cainites who participate in the tests or got send there to study and evolve.

With the help of Ritho Onuris who has many contacts in the Sabbaths the independant clans and even a few among the Camarilla the ADA is blessend with a number of highly skilled permanent and visiting teachers and mentors.


Lady Alva Vanderbilt

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