Circus Odyssey

First steps in Bournemouth

After the great Duel the Circus reforms

After the duel, the death of Antonio, the torpor of La Baronne and the final face off with Drahomir and his Sabbath minions the Circus finally arrived in Bournemouth. The new management decided to stay and consolidate the personal and financial situation.

Since Drahomir is still out for revenge the danger has not subsided but at least for a while he does not have the backing of the Sabbath like he used to.

Meeting the Scourge Anne Cutter the triumvirate received three tasks from the Prince Resticus Fore to earn money. He offers 200 pounds for every fulfilled assignment.

Those are:

  1. Kill Johann Voltane
  2. Reclaim the estate of William Dacre
  3. Burn down Jerrik Nielssons estate

Following a more personal Agenda the Circus also hold hearings for new personnel and decided to add the Toreador pianist Lora Brent and Brujah docker Obediah Whipple to the lineup whilst turning down the Tremere Illusionst Arthur Mognard and the Toreador Jane Wakefield.

Another important objective and straight from the heart is the retrieval of Ari the puppeteer. After the betrayal of Cvetka, the transformed Tzimisce is out for revenge and it is unclear what she will do, once she finds her.

The degradation of Aris mind is however a subject of great concern. The psychic trail Madame Selene picked up suggests severe disorientation, schisms, psychotic rage and the decay of Aris core personality and the emergence of something way more archaic and animalistic.

- We transferred Patrick Lockhart who is a secret member of the RTS to Bournemouth. He spilled almost all he knew. 

- We talked to Bernice about the Bust, it´s in a ruin next to water. She also wants to confront Drahomir.



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