Circus Odyssey

Getting Stuff done in Bournemouth

Part One

After an unfortunate encounter with a werewolf near the estate of the Tremere Primogen William Dacre the group realized that cleansing his home would be a little more difficult then imagined.

Jette, Javier and Madame Selene also saw the clouds and the stench from the near coal mines and refineries to the south. The Werewolf said it could not go there but wanted to. It is compelled to destroy the man-made monstrosities to help nature heal. It seems to be warded of by some kind of magic.

In the vicinity you also met Tim Woodlake. The hired thaumaturg was just done making his rounds in the south and engaged in a friendly conversation. He said that he was employed by the local aristocracy.

The next stop was the estate of Jerrik Nielsen about whether or not to burn his house down. This shall take place at the 24th of March.

After that the group had a productive meeting with Jasper Stanbury. The Nosferatu was very open about exchanging information for hard currency. Additional he hired the group to protect a shipment of weapons to the Anarchs. His suspicion is that the Sabbath or maybe even the Black Hand caught wind of the deal and might interfere. The exchange will take place in the western woods of Bournemouth at 0:00 at the 22nd of March.




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