Circus Odyssey

Getting more Stuff in Bournemouth

Part Two

The first stop this night was the home of the the Brujah Primogen Clive Borthwick. The Maior Domus could not facilitate a meeting between neither the Brujah nor the Pantherlady. While waiting the group expressed their frustration by damaging a very valuable tapestry and killing a maiden and traumatizing two other servants.

From there Javier, Jette and Selene strayed to the mansion of the Prince Resticus Fore where they issued a formal complaint. The Maior Domus will send an envoy with a preliminary reaction of the prince and a date for an audience to discuss the issue.

At the little Townhouse the Scourge Anne Cutter offered to speak with Clive herself and to relay any additional information through an envoy.

Back at the Circus Alois and Euphemia advised a calm and patient course of action. Alois hinted that Resticus knows that he would stand to loose a lot by defying the Circuses rules because Alois has some leverage in place.

Jaspers task: He is organizing a huge arms deal for the Anarchs but is suspicious that someone else could have gotten wind about it. You have to protect the shipment and make sure nothing falls into the wrong hands.



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