Circus Odyssey

First steps in Bournemouth

Part Two

The consultations with Anne Cutter and William Dacre revealed little new information other than Mister Dacres passion for non-functioning occult wards in Bournemouth.

His estate was probably destroyed by a werewolf. Drawing on the ancient knowledge of Zvi Shabbtai, Javier accomplished to forge a talisman, that will hopefully calm the werewolf down to establish a brief communication.

Harold was also busy and enhanced several weapons with a silver coating to exploit the werewolves weakness.

Meanwhile Jette found a note that could potentially stem from her Sire Ikram who was presumed dead.

The Circus needs at least 400 £ to make necessary repairs to its equipment and to pay the staff. With this money further shows will be possible that in turn will bring additional funds. There is of course always the possibility to ask generous investors for donations.

The Circus receives 200 £  from Jerrik Nielson.

In the course of the night a mysterious letter will arrive.



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