Circus Odyssey

Getting betrayed in Bournemouth
Part Three

On their way to the public newspaper archive the group sensed a higher activity of Anarchs in the city. In the archive Madame Selene expertly uncovered that Johann Voltane inherited a large fortune and built his coal and steel factories in several cities. The erection of his sites started exactly after the end of the British Triumph and has flourished since. The Businessman is widely regarded honorable. They also learn the exact location of the factories and mines.

Following the lead of the Anarchs the group took part in an open air meeting that took place in the northwest of Bournemouth. Colin Featherstone was the spokesperson and inspired the roundabout 200 attendees to further follow the drumbeat to a land of opportunity in the west. Colin was very happy to meet Madame Selene again and said that he received letters from Jacob and will try to keep in touch on his way to the west. Jette successfully intercepted an assassination attempt on Colins life and annihilated the obviously assamite hitman.

Back at the Circus the triumvirate learned that Anne Cutter stayed true to her word and reported that Clive Borthwick and the Pantherlady are allegedly bonded in eternal love and Felipa will not return to the Circus. In other news an audience with the Prince for the sixth of May has been confirmed.

In the northeast of Bournemouth a weapon deal induced by Jasper Stanbury took place on a big open clearing including 8 human guardians and 30 crates. After Bernice encouraged the group to check the cargo, it emerged as fake. The Black Hand priestess gently emphasized the treachery of the Camarilla taskmaster and departed politely among an uncounted number of Sabbath fighters. The group sent the human guardians into a new life with the Anarchs. Afterwards Javier and Jette went to the meeting point the 8 humans had to pick up their payment disguised as humans. They followed the contact person to an abandoned building. There they confirmed that they met the ghoul of Jasper and that all the humans should have been killed. Javier expertly erased all traces from Hermanns mind and both got back to the Circus.

In the meantime Madame Selene worked on a plan to introduce the Brujah Primogen to the wonders of insanity.

Getting more Stuff in Bournemouth
Part Two

The first stop this night was the home of the the Brujah Primogen Clive Borthwick. The Maior Domus could not facilitate a meeting between neither the Brujah nor the Pantherlady. While waiting the group expressed their frustration by damaging a very valuable tapestry and killing a maiden and traumatizing two other servants.

From there Javier, Jette and Selene strayed to the mansion of the Prince Resticus Fore where they issued a formal complaint. The Maior Domus will send an envoy with a preliminary reaction of the prince and a date for an audience to discuss the issue.

At the little Townhouse the Scourge Anne Cutter offered to speak with Clive herself and to relay any additional information through an envoy.

Back at the Circus Alois and Euphemia advised a calm and patient course of action. Alois hinted that Resticus knows that he would stand to loose a lot by defying the Circuses rules because Alois has some leverage in place.

Jaspers task: He is organizing a huge arms deal for the Anarchs but is suspicious that someone else could have gotten wind about it. You have to protect the shipment and make sure nothing falls into the wrong hands.

Getting Stuff done in Bournemouth
Part One

After an unfortunate encounter with a werewolf near the estate of the Tremere Primogen William Dacre the group realized that cleansing his home would be a little more difficult then imagined.

Jette, Javier and Madame Selene also saw the clouds and the stench from the near coal mines and refineries to the south. The Werewolf said it could not go there but wanted to. It is compelled to destroy the man-made monstrosities to help nature heal. It seems to be warded of by some kind of magic.

In the vicinity you also met Tim Woodlake. The hired thaumaturg was just done making his rounds in the south and engaged in a friendly conversation. He said that he was employed by the local aristocracy.

The next stop was the estate of Jerrik Nielsen about whether or not to burn his house down. This shall take place at the 24th of March.

After that the group had a productive meeting with Jasper Stanbury. The Nosferatu was very open about exchanging information for hard currency. Additional he hired the group to protect a shipment of weapons to the Anarchs. His suspicion is that the Sabbath or maybe even the Black Hand caught wind of the deal and might interfere. The exchange will take place in the western woods of Bournemouth at 0:00 at the 22nd of March.


First steps in Bournemouth
After the great Duel the Circus reforms

After the duel, the death of Antonio, the torpor of La Baronne and the final face off with Drahomir and his Sabbath minions the Circus finally arrived in Bournemouth. The new management decided to stay and consolidate the personal and financial situation.

Since Drahomir is still out for revenge the danger has not subsided but at least for a while he does not have the backing of the Sabbath like he used to.

Meeting the Scourge Anne Cutter the triumvirate received three tasks from the Prince Resticus Fore to earn money. He offers 200 pounds for every fulfilled assignment.

Those are:

  1. Kill Johann Voltane
  2. Reclaim the estate of William Dacre
  3. Burn down Jerrik Nielssons estate

Following a more personal Agenda the Circus also hold hearings for new personnel and decided to add the Toreador pianist Lora Brent and Brujah docker Obediah Whipple to the lineup whilst turning down the Tremere Illusionst Arthur Mognard and the Toreador Jane Wakefield.

Another important objective and straight from the heart is the retrieval of Ari the puppeteer. After the betrayal of Cvetka, the transformed Tzimisce is out for revenge and it is unclear what she will do, once she finds her.

The degradation of Aris mind is however a subject of great concern. The psychic trail Madame Selene picked up suggests severe disorientation, schisms, psychotic rage and the decay of Aris core personality and the emergence of something way more archaic and animalistic.

- We transferred Patrick Lockhart who is a secret member of the RTS to Bournemouth. He spilled almost all he knew. 

- We talked to Bernice about the Bust, it´s in a ruin next to water. She also wants to confront Drahomir.

First steps in Bournemouth
Part Two

The consultations with Anne Cutter and William Dacre revealed little new information other than Mister Dacres passion for non-functioning occult wards in Bournemouth.

His estate was probably destroyed by a werewolf. Drawing on the ancient knowledge of Zvi Shabbtai, Javier accomplished to forge a talisman, that will hopefully calm the werewolf down to establish a brief communication.

Harold was also busy and enhanced several weapons with a silver coating to exploit the werewolves weakness.

Meanwhile Jette found a note that could potentially stem from her Sire Ikram who was presumed dead.

The Circus needs at least 400 £ to make necessary repairs to its equipment and to pay the staff. With this money further shows will be possible that in turn will bring additional funds. There is of course always the possibility to ask generous investors for donations.

The Circus receives 200 £  from Jerrik Nielson.

In the course of the night a mysterious letter will arrive.


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